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OSHO® Prem Shama Sati

Meditation activities, therapies, workshops



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Koper - Slovenia


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Private Session with Sati

At Prem Shama Sati, I offer a holistic approach to counseling that focuses on your connection to your inner self. We will move through the body into emotions and bring awareness, acceptance and understanding to what needs to be revealed and loved. 

Through this process, I strive to help you reach a place of deep understanding and self-love so that you can live a life free of emotional pain, confusion and stress. Together, let’s create a safe and trusting space to explore the depths of your soul.

Learn more about the Private Session with Sati here.

Introspective Meditation

Sati Shama intuitively guided me greatly through the process. Intensive 7 days long process, that gave me deep understandings about myself. Thank you. 


 Sati beautiful energy lead me to a peaceful and loving place of my being. My awareness expanded and my body relaxed into "I want more of that" 


I registered to the meditation last minute and I felt so happy I did.  The group atmosphere was very pleasant, the meditation guided with tenderness, heartiness and acceptance, which opened the door to the discovery of my feminine and masculine energy. Of course some tears followed and a process that lasted for a few days....I'll join again.


Sati Shama

Sati  Shama

                             Sati Shama is a lover of truth.   She  enjoys working with people and seing them embrace their full potential.  She likes to get to know their structures, their conditionings, their nature, their essence and what holds them back from being the empowered version of themselves. With her work she  helps people to embrace all parts of their being by rising awareness and gentle but compassionate understanding in all areas of their lives, relationships, work and  themselves first.     

                              Sati Shama works with individuals as well as with groups. She offers private sessions and group courses on demand. 

                              Sati Shama is passionate about authentic relating and  connection, self-awareness, meditation in movement, ecstatic dance,  meditative therapies , The Work (Byron Katie) and conscious touch massage.

                              She has more than 10 years experience in awareness techniques, family constellations (Bert Hellinger method) and she's also a Reiki Usui practioner. She has recently completed  the  Self- Leading and Tools for Life Leadership training and she's continuously  upgrading her knowledge. 

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