"... Be a light unto yourself..."
Gautama Buddha
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OSHO® Prem Shama Sati

Meditation activities, therapies, workshops

Frenkova cesta, 18  6276 Pobegi Koper  SLOVENIJA

Sati: +38670549382

Email: premshamasati@gmail.com


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OSHO Born Again

Coming Soon....

A meditative therapy that will reconnect you with the qualities of the child.

Innocence, playfulness, living in the present moment. 
A beautiful 7 days long process that will let you be re-born.

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Be born again

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Aware & Free (Italiano) 

3 giorni per riconnetterti con te stesso, nutrire e accrescere la tua energia, riscoprire il tuo centro attraverso esercizi di respirazione, di rilascio tensioni.

3 giorni per riscoprire la saggezza del tuo cuore attraverso le meditazioni attive, guidate ed esperienziali.

3 giorni di opportunità per conoscere e connettersi con chi come te, sceglie di vivere in armonia con se stesso e con gli altri.

Holding Hands

Find loving support

Individual Session

English - Slovenian - Italian

This is a session that helps you connect with your body, your mind, your feelings and supports you into bringing understanding into a challenging situation you might be facing. 

An opportunity to bring clarity where there is confusion, stress, tension, fear and so on.

A personal approach to your personal issue. 

Nika O.

Sati Shama intuitively guided me greatly through the process. Intensive 7 days long process, that gave me deep understandings about myself. Thank you. 

What participants say

Ivana S.

 Sati beautiful energy lead me to a peaceful and loving place of my being. My awareness expanded and my body relaxed into "I want more of that" 

Tina Č.

I registered to the meditation last minute and I felt so happy I did.  The group atmosphere was very pleasant, the meditation guided with tenderness, heartiness and acceptance, which opened the door to the discovery of my feminine and masculine energy. Of course some tears followed and a process that lasted for a few days....I'll join again.


Sati Shama


I love everything that is transformation and inner growth and this is what I bring into my work. I help people to accept, transform and transcend, supporting them in developing awareness, compassion, gentleness and love, because nothing in the inner growth can ever be extorted or forced. It can only be understood, supported and loved.

My role is that of a facilitator. Facilitating means to bring harmony where there is conflict. Between body and mind, mind and spirit. Through different meditation techniques, meditative therapies, group workshops and individual therapies, what I offer is an opportunity for people to rediscover themselves and love what they see, bringing them to the comprehension that they can have the life they want and they can shine in their light. 


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Prem Shama Sati

Frenkova cesta, 18 - 6276 Pobegi 



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