Course in Meditation

The Meditation Course is for you, who are longing for a deeper and authentic connection with yourself, for those of you who are longing for more trust in life, who are longing for a deeper relaxation, calmness and for those of you, who wants to develop the art of witnessing.

Witnessing is actually the essence part of meditation work and that of expanding consciousness. When we are capable to just be, without interpretation, without judgment, without resistance, when we are just there, utterly present, observing, then we can recognize, understand, transcend, know.

We will practice together different meditation methods, including OSHO meditations, that will help us enter into our state of consciousness.

A big emphasis will be given to the body wisdom, to acknowledging and feeling our feelings and on release.

Every meeting will last around one hour and 15 minutes.

The FREE introductory meeting will be led Thursday 28th October at 19:00 on Zoom. You will receive the zoom link with the registration that has to be done by writing an email to Sati: (Introduction to the Course in Meditation)

The course will be led by Sati Shama, certified facilitator in meditation and meditative techniques (OSHO International)