OSHO Dynamic Meditation® is one of the most active meditations we know. It's a revolutionary and professionally devised method that frees us from everything that is repressed, suppressed and, hidden in us. It gives us access to the energy reservoir we have inside, which remains unused. It's an opportunity for us to get freed  of what is holding us back in life and to start shining our precious light.

                    7 Days of OSHO Dynamic Meditation  includes inquiry work. Every day, you are given a specific and personal question to meditate upon, This will help you open doors to a deeper understanding  of yourself as a personality and of your very being.  The  process  may stir in you emotions, reactions, resistences. Be aware, that all of that is already present in you and that giving space to those energies to be seen and expressed is your way to liberation. 
          The meditation lasts one hour and requires all our intensity and totality. It consists of five parts. The first is chaotic rapid and deep breathing. The deeper we go into the first stage, the better the next ones. The second stage is catharsis. At this stage, we allow everything we no longer need, to be expressed. We allow the body to be completely free in the movement. Free to jump, scream, cry, pound, kick, dance, sing, laugh, whatever we need to express, we allow it and support it. We totally trust our body. In the third stage, we jump with our feet flat and our arms raised above our heads and chant the Hoo mantra as deeply, as loudly as possible, until we hear STOP. This is the beginning of the fourth phase. We freeze wherever we are. We do not allow the body any movement, we do not adapt the body, we remain only witnesses. The fifth stage is of celebration that is expressed in dance and that allows us to bring that energy into a new day.

          When we perform Dynamic Meditation regularly, we notice that it brings us profound changes. We become more grounded, more energetic, more aware, we become more present, we develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and of other people,  our heart expands, we become more focused, we begin to develop self-confidence, and we learn how to genuinely connect.

          Check in the Bookings the dates and the location. 

The meditation will be led by Sati, a certified leader of OSHO Active Meditations and Therapies (OSHO International - Pune - India)
          For more information on meditation and to reserve your own spot, please write to Sati Shama at premshamasati@gmail.com.

7 Days of OSHO Dynamic Meditation®