Individual  Counselling Session 

     The individual session helps you find clarity in yourself, connect with your body, with your emotions, helps you understand the situation from the perspective of the heart by releasing the stress that affects your body-mind and does not allow you to respond healthily.

We all face challenging situations in our lives where we might feel stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, and we do not know how to face them, how to make a change, how to move into the direction we actually want to go. . 

It is a space created to support presence and a safe expression of your emotions, thoughts, physical simptoms, and it brings you into establishing harmony between body, mind and soul.   

 Some useful questions: 

Why is it worth applying for individual counseling with Sati?

- Because she creates a safe space where you feel accepted and present with yourself and in this state you can more easily face and address what is happening in your life at the moment.


What is the difference between individual counseling and therapy?

- Therapy offers scientific answers to pathological conditions.

Individual counseling is a Zen approach to the wholeness of the human being that accepts the fact that everyone has within them all the wisdom they actually need for a healthy and harmonious life.


Does the need for individual counseling mean that something is wrong with me?

- Would you tell a child, who would ask you to answer a question or ask you for help, that something is wrong with him because he asked?

Each of us needs a support system, a loving conversation, a deeper insight, a different approach. That's why people buy books, listen to speeches, have friends, sign up for counseling, attend courses, workshops, and so on.


How does individual counseling work?

- The course of an individual lesson is different for each individual and depends on his state of presence and awareness. Counseling works on the principle that everything happens only at this given moment. When a person is present in the here and now, he can recognize things, become aware of them, change them. Individual counseling works on 3 body centers. Belly - Heart - Head and then the connections between body, emotions and consciousness.


What can I expect after individual counseling?

- A sense of grounding, presence, clarity, calmness and a sense of "I can", "I am worthy", "I am". During individual counseling, and if needed by the individual, the counselor may suggest exercises and techniques to support the state of awareness.


What is the role of a counselor during an individual session?

- The primary task of the counselor is to create a safe space where the individual feels grounded, present, accepted, where he can expose his inner happenings and is guided in the direction of feeling/ clarification / resolution. The counselor does not offer standard answers, but he rather moves with the individual into his own understanding of the process by supporting his own inner wisdom. 


In which languages ​​is individual counseling provided?

- In Slovene and English

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