Individual  Session 

We all face challenging situations in our lives where we might feel stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, tired of a pattern that goes on repeating, and we do not know how to face them, how to make a change, how to move into the direction we actually want to go. We might need some guidance in how to approach the situation differently. How to remain connected with our needs and ourselves and still being able to make changes. 

The individual session helps you find clarity in yourself, helps you understand the situation from the perspective of the heart, helps you release the stress that affects your body-mind and does not allow you to respond healthily. It is a space created to support the expression of your feelings and to uncover the wisdom of your heart. 

In the individual session you're guided to connect with your body and to your inner world through  your feelings, thoughts and conditioning you might be carrying inside and learn to address them properly, so that you can act freely and remain true to yourself. 

Everything that happens on the outside is just an invitation, a mirror if you want, to look inside. The outside conflict is our inner conflict, to be uncovered, seen, felt, understood and released.