OSHO Meditation Group

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The Meditation Group is for those who are longing for a deeper and authentic connection with themselves, who wants to develop more trust in life, a  deeper state of relaxation and calmness. 

The Group is perfect for those, who wants to learn and practice OSHO Meditation Techniques and apply them in their everyday life. 

Witnessing is the essence part of the meditation work. When we are able to witness, we are able to dissociate from the story we are telling ourselves in our minds and connect with the truth. When we are capable to just be, without interpretation, without judgment, without resistance, when we are just there, utterly present, observing, then we can recognize, understand, transcend and know.

EVERY MONTH we will practice an active meditation, so that we can get to know how it affects us and what does it show about our selves. 

Every meeting will last 1 hour and 15 minutes cc.