What is Meditation and why Active Meditations ?

Meditation is a state of being where you can experience relaxation,  acceptance, blissfulness, silence, love, compassion, creativity, joy, watchfulness, alertness, awareness. You may feel that you are flowing with existence. Meditation  is not something that you can do, it's something that comes on its own, like a breeze, you have to wait for it. But we are all very busy with our minds running our lives, that we do not know how to arrive into that space again. We do not even know how to wait.  That's why the active meditations are for. They are scientific methods used to throw out the chatter of our minds, to come back in touch with our bodies and feelings and to become fully alert and aware, so that we can experience that state of blissfulness that we all carry inside us. 

Prem Shama Sati offers a selection of OSHO Active Meditations (TM)  you can explore and experience yourself, on line or in one of our partners locations.


Osho said " When you try the right method, it clicks immediately. So I will go on talking about methods here every day. Try. Just play with them: go home and try. The right method, whenever you happen upon it, just clicks. Something explodes in you and you know..this is the right method for me!!..But effort is needed; and you may be surprised that suddenly one day, a method has gripped you. Go on playing with the methods. I say playing because you should not be too serious. Just play! Something may fit you. If it fits you, then be serious and go deeply into it - intensely, honestly, with all your energy, with all your mind. But before that, just play."  OSHO - Meditation the first and last freedom

OSHO Dynamic Meditation ®

This meditation is for you if what you truly want is to break old  patterns ingrained in your whole system, body and mind.  It's for you if what you want is to leave past where it is and  fully and totally enjoy the present and experience freedom and freshness. This meditation is best to be done in the early morning when everything awakeness and so do you. 

OSHO Kundalini Meditation ®

Let go of your day and unwind. Shake everything that's still having hold on you off end enjoy the energy flow, Dance into bliss and joy. This meditation is best to be done in the late afternoon or at sunset. 

OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation ®

This meditation brings body and mind together through humming and hand movements and the vibration that's created brings conflicting parts of you together, so that you can experience harmony in your whole being, and a great peace, silence and bliss will follow. 

Dancer in Sunset
OSHO Nataraj Meditation ®

A meditation where you let your unconscious take over completely and with your eyes closed, dance as if possessed.  Nataraj is the energy of dance. 

Osho said " If you can dance in such a way that only the dance remains and the dancer disappears, one day suddenly you will see the dancing also disappears. And then there is an awareness which is not of the mind and not of the ego.  (From  the Science of the soul Vol.8 #10) 

Space Supernova
OSHO  Chakra Breathing Meditation™

Deep and rapid breathing that brings vitality , awareness and silence to each of your seven  energetic centers in the body, called chakras and to your whole being.  Feel re energised and flowing. 

Image by Zoltan Tasi
OSHO Chakra Sounds Meditation™

This is a meditation where you use vocal sounds to open and harmonize your energetic centers, called chakras, in the body. It feels like an energetic  rainbow shower.  The meditation brings awareness to each of those seven centers, bringing peace and a deep inner silence. 

Garden for Vipassana plain.png
OSHO Vipassana Meditation™

This is a meditation which is based on a method of Gautama Buddha.   Osho said " Vipassana has made more people enlightened than any other because it is the very essence.  You cannot drop anything out of it and you cannot add anything to improve it."  

In Vipassana we observe our breathe and remain watchful of everything that is happening inside and outside us with total acceptance, just remaining a witness.

OSHO Mahamudra Meditation

Mahamudra is the surrender to the divine, to the cosmos, to the universal flow.

It's filling up your being with energy, let it overflow you, trembling like a leaf in the wind and surrender to the circle of life. It's like being possessed by the cosmos itself, letting your body move in a deep latihan and honoring your very being.