OSHO Meditation Days
26 Sat-27 Sun JUNE 


So glad to have you here, curious about what's going to be in those May days!

There will  be a bit of talking, about what is meditation, how to meditate, what postures, which clothes, when to meditate, but most importantly we will speak about the approach towards it.

An attitude of great relaxation, surrender, acceptance .

We will take a look at the benefits it brings, and we will PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE, because without it nothing truly meaningful will ever happen!

How will it be working:

¨1. It will be Online, which means, we will connect through a Zoom link, that will be sent to you at the moment of registration and will be the same for all the meditations and meetings.

We will all arrive to the virtual group room on time, if not few minutes earlier and will stay muted. The meeting will be locked during the meditation and the late entrance will be disabled. 

All the times are CET. 

 2, I thought a DONATION would be a good idea to support our job. So you can all decide for yourself how much to give and what feels ok for you in the moment.  Hope it will be appreciated.


 4, You are FREE to attend any of the meditations, but to be able to partcipate you still need to register first. Yes?

Don't take all this too seriously. Life, as OSHO used to say, is a cosmic joke, so, we will basically play meditation together 🧡

All the meditations and the introductory meeting will be led by Sati Shama, a certified OSHO meditations and therapies facilitator.

Here's the program:

Saturday 26 June


18:00 – 19:00             Introduction to Meditation:

                                              What, Why, How and When of Meditation

                                              The Importance of Relaxation 

                                              Witnessing and Awareness

                                              Body – Emotions – Mind – Being – Energy

                                              The Benefits of Meditation

                                              Introduction to OSHO Dynamic Meditation

                                              General Rules

                                              Q & A


20:00 – 21:10              OSHO Mahamudra Meditation

                                              Explanation of the Meditation



Sunday 27 June


07:00 – 08:10         OSHO Dynamic Meditation

                                              Explanation of the Meditation



10:00 – 11:10              OSHO Nataraj Meditation

                                             Explanation of the Meditation                                


12:00 – 13:05              OSHO Silent Sitting




16:00 – 17:10              OSHO Kundalini Meditation

                                             Explanation of the Meditation



18:00 – 19:10              OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation

                                              Explanation of the Meditation



20:00 – 21:10             OSHO Chakra Sounds Meditation

                                               Explanation of the Meditation


21:10 - 22:00               Round of Sharing

                                                A round of sharing is an opportunity for people, who were participating in the                                                        group, to say a few words about how they feel in the moment, how was the                                                                  experience, how they feel in the moment, It's an opportunity of showing                                                                        ourselves in our beauty and be felt and seen. It's a way of connecting                                                                                authentically.

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