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Celebrating Love 🧡

We really do not have to wait for S. Valentine to be loving, are we?

Every day is an opportunity for celebration. Being alive every morning is already one!! But, society decided this is the day to celebrate love, a relationship you care about deeply, a partner, a friend, so why don't use it?

Do you have any "special "plans for Sunday? I do. My special plan is to meditate together, even if physically separate, our energy knows no boundaries of space or time 🤍.

And meditation really is a practice that unites hearts, brings compassion to our being, brings unity, togetherness. sense of purpose, love. The energy that is created out of meditation is transformational, love is transformational!!

So, I would love to invite YOU to join us in this FREE meditation of togetherness and love, the union of masculine & feminine, the union of the couple inside you.

This meditation can be done in couples or alone.

To register, write to and you will be provided with a zoom link for 14 February at 06:00 PM.



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