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It is historically known that though times use to bring something good at the end...:) December is my time of review of the whole year, looking at what was enriching, where to do better, what to let go, what to bring in. How to move forward, what to change. It's the time of balance. It's the time when whatever happened during the year is evaluated, and maybe also recognized and seen for the first time.

December is my month of gifts. I used to go through the year, making a list of what happened every single month from the 1st of January. And Wowww, so many beautiful experiences to acknowledge, from the very first day!

It was a year of great change for me, being in India, at the OSHO International for months, meditating every single day from early morning til the very last minute before falling asleep. Celebrating, opening up, recognizing. Going through one process and already ready to jump into the next one. It was a year of letting go, the blessed ones, the ones that kept you stuck for years and you are never the same again after, it was a year of bringing my childlike qualities back to life, it was a year of love, the innocent one, the one that allows you to be who you are, the one that allows you to stand in your shadow and in your light and love both the same, the one that does not end just because you said goodbye. It was a year of recognition of when it is time to stop and say no and when it's time to say yes please and more. It was a year of new professional beginnings, new connections, new friends. It was a year of how to feel you are a family again and it was a year of how to feel you are family with people you've never meet before. It was a year of stepping into the unknown completely, sometimes in fear, more times in trust. It was a year of isolation and growth, the one that requires to find the beauty in yourself, to trust your gut, to follow your intuition, to take care of your body, it was a year of illness, that leaves you exhausted and tired, uncapable of preparing yourself a cup of tea, it was a year of rebirth, of helping each other, of finding your own tempo, discovering your passions, new energy in yourself, discovering that you are powerful and strong and capable of healing and capable of sharing and capable of standing with yourself for yourself and being that light that shines bright, no matter how dark the night might be.

It was a year of recognition that you are fucking good no matter what!!

And it was a year of creation. Of having the courage to create what you want to see inside yourself and outside in the world. And I want to see the gifts, I want to see the beauty in people, in life, in myself. I want their beauty to be recognized and valued and in order to do that, I want people to be able to come back to themselves and see that they are beautiful, whatever that may mean to them. This is my biggest wish. So the gift I bring to you, at the end of this year is a chance to do that for yourself or for someone you love. A course I created in this time of pandemic. A way to recognize the riches you carry inside your self. It's called SHINE ON and you can read more about it here

With love and infinite gratitude for this 2020....AND IT IS NOT FINISHED YET!!


Sati Shama

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