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In times of unpredictability, trust your inner and allow your body to speak!

I learned late in my life how to connect with myself. I lived for quite a long time as if I was separate from my body. Even if I was doing sports or dancing, or yoga, I was not aware of what a magical tool I had, all the time long.

Our body is the greatest resource. It has the wisdom, if you listen to it, you can hear it speak. In a very particular language it speaks, through pain, through pleasure. It speaks when it dances, it speaks when it stretches, it speaks even when it's silent. It speaks through feelings, when you feel your stomach turning upside down, who do you think is doing that? When you feel a punch in your tummy, who is that? When your eyes get wet when something hurts you, who is that?

I learned, that in times, when you feel shaky, when your mind is so busy you feel it's going to explode of all the thinking, that's the moment to ground yourself in your body. Yes. And how to do that? I will tell you and you will be surprised how simple it is to connect.

You can sit or lie down, feeling your body laying on the ground, feeling your feet be supported by the ground, observing your breathing. In breath, out breath, feeling the quality of the ground under your body, warm, comfortable, stable, supportive, and you can start moving your awareness through your body all the way up from your feet and feeling how are other parts of your body feeling. Moving slowly upwards. Are they tight? Relaxed? Soft? Rigid? Aching maybe? And you can say yes to everything that's happening inside that part of you, the physical one. And maybe you can even go deeper and start to sense your feelings? What's in there? Happiness? Sadness? Anger? Frustration? Longing? Desire? And can you say yes to that the same way? Can you accept that all this is present inside you too and just say yes to it? Embracing yourself with gentleness, not wanting any single thing to be different?

That's the space of spaciousness, centeredness, grounding we have inside. And it's good to remember that this is something nobody can take away, it will never go anywhere, no matter the circumstances outside, no matter how many mistakes we think we made, no matter how hard we were on ourselves, we can always connect with it. Here, inside us, in the very center, everything is exactly how it has to be, everything is still and stable. Everything is acceptance. Inside us, there is no shakiness.



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