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Lights on

I was wondering what to do, how to be of help, if something can be done in general in this epidemic/pandemic worldwide situation. I read articles, I follow scientists, doctors, I listen to different opinions, arguments, I watch videos and all I see is a mess, confusion, contradictions, violence, fights, denigration, denial, political games. And somehow it makes me feel that everyone, really everyone has reasons to behave, to think, to act in a specific way. It may be agreeable or not, absolutely no judgment in that. I notice my mind trying to find an answer itself but it's impossible, it's tiring, and basically it just comes back again and again to thinking. A never ending circle of thoughts. And the only way out of it that I know, is to surrender to not knowing. Relax in radical acceptance. There is where I get my answers. It came like that today:

Existence: " What do you do when you enter a dark room Sati?"

Me: " I turn on the lights".

Existence: "Exactly :) "

So what I'm going to do is to move my attention from the outside towards my inner and cherish that, so that the light inside me can be stronger and brighter and no darkness in my room. And who knows what can happen? Life is such a mystery!



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