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The art of being present

Why is it so difficult to remain present? Because what being present actually means, is basically to remain in the state of no-mind. By no-mind meaning to remain in the space whitout interpretation, judgment, opinion, knowing or past and future. One of the barriers to get to know ourselves and travel the short distance of about 30 cm from our head to our heart is the incapacity and the unwillingness of the mind to stay present in our selves. Why? Because when we are present, our mind disappears, it is just not capable of being in charge anymore. That's the moment when we feel relaxed, at ease with what is there, no matter how hard it looked just a moment earlier. What we might not now, is, that we are born with something that actually lives 24/7 in the present moment, which knows about it much more then our mind and that precious companion is our beautiful body. So, how do we connect through our body to the present moment? How do we discarge and let go of the mind with the help of our body? Easy! First we move it. We shake it, We dance it. We feel it. We allow it to jump. We allow it to stretch, or to jawn, or to make faces, or to move the neck, or the pelvis, or, or or, or....we give it freedom to express what is there. And second, extremely relevant, we join the movement with watchfulness. Watchfulness meaning the capacity to just observe, as if you would be a guest and not the owner there. By remaining watchful of the movement, the magic of presence happens. That's why active meditations are such a gift!! Sati Shama

We practice active meditations twice a week. Find more about it here:

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