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The only thing you can actually share with people is you 🧡

This is me. 😊 On pic. Sati Shama.With some of you we've met in person, with some of you on some workshop, meditation, an individual session, for many of you, I'm just another name on a social platform. Somebody who does something on self...but, wait..."what exactly?" Right?

So, I'm going to tell you something about my self, so that you can get to know me a bit better.

My favorite color is white. To me it feels clean, pure, bright, luminous and I feel its vastness. The light in it.

I love dancing, but not the structured dance you learn on courses, but the wild, unstructured dance of a free body and spirit. I love to put my favorite music on whenever I feel stressed or tired and I just let go into dancing. It feels so refreshing to me. I feel new.

I love feelings. I love to feel myself, to feel other people, to feel energies around, to talk about it, to engage with them...

I love to connect with others and I love to talk life. For me it's like: "It's there anything else that's actually worth talking?" 😅

I love laughter. A LOT. I feel it's so relaxing to me and I absolutely love laughing together with others. I feel the innocence and the beauty of it, it's like becoming a child again. You holding hands and jumping together??? Feels soo much like that 😄

I love to meditate. Every day. Sometimes more than once. I feel it brings peace to my mind and it settles energies in my body. It gives me clarity, It feels I can really listen and trust my self. I'm in love with that. 🧡

And what do I do?

Well, I bring all of that into my work......yes, the white too 😉 The clean soul, the light of existence, the purity of intention. All of that.

I work with love. I honor every aspect of the human experience, even the dark ones, because I've learned the value of it on my self. That's why I'm here with you today, doing what I'm doing. Supporting, holding space for you to evolve, to transform, to feel safe, to become aware, to develop understanding, because I know how difficult it is when you feel alone and not understood. I know the pain of judgments and nobody who was ever in pain wants to feel judged when it feels already bad itself. I work with compassion, because I know the anger shadows very well and I know how much they can hurt. I'm wearing its scars. I'm not the one who's going to speak hours and hours about knowledge and explaining to you the aspects of the mind. A book can do that much better than me. And my aim is basically not to develop your brain, but I love to arrive to your heart, to touch you there and help you to listen to it and develop trust in it. Trust in you. I want you to fall in love with yourself. Unconditionally. Because I know how it feels and for me, it's all that really matters.


Sati Shama

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