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The power of simplicity and the aloneness of being who you are.

When you see how easy it is to be in the flow for some of us it hits you hard. The one who gets hit is your ego, the one who'so busy in planning and making it work that is never present in the moment, never satisfied, relaxed and enjoying.

And when the ego is there, I am not.

The last two and a half years were beautiful from so many points of view for me, but professionaly they were a nightmare. A lot of struggle. Struggle to get clients, struggle to arrive at the end of the month with all the bills payed. And a lot of doubting in the path I chose and that I actually keep choosing. It makes me laugh right now, because on one side I'm asking "couldn't it be easier to just leave and end it here and just do as apparently everybody else does?" Get a normal job! Easy right? And on the other side is me. Being me, sharing me and living me. Wanting to be just me. Btw I did that, I got also a normal's just that:

I am when I share. And I am when I share meditation. And I am when I share me with other "me's" so to speak. I love that. For me it's just so not of getting into "just a job".

It's who I am.

The thing is I feel so very alone in this sometimes, that hurts.

The last weekend, a dear friend of mine, a meditator himself, was travelling in Slovenia and with a couple of friends we thought of organizing an improvised meditation playshop with him. So we had to think of a place where to do that and the simpliest thing was to use the house where we were staying. My home. It was simple, it was easy and it turned out beautiful. 7 amazing souls came to celebrate in meditation together.

This is how things flow when you are flowing. You use what you have, you give what you have, and what you have is not complicated plans, is not exhausting thinking and solutions, is not expensive places and a lot of organisation. What you have is who you are. And who you are is simple, humble and easy.

So here I am, letting go of the struggling mind and keeping it simple. Humble. And Easy.


Sati Shama

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