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Wake-up call

There is one thing that comes up to me over and over again, since this pandemic issue started. I just came back from India that time, it was half of February. I came home, peaceful, whole, connected, blessed after months of meditation at the OSHO International. I was grateful at that time to be at home in quarantine, it was a great opportunity for self inquiry, silence, meditation practice. 40 days that became 2 months of isolation. Alone with my aloneness. It was, for me, the most beautiful time I ever had with my self. Ever.

We did not know a lot about the virus at that time, we did not know how it will affect us, I feel we were all in a space of not knowing. And 8 months passed by in the meantime. And now, our Slovenian Government is again talking of quarantine, shutting down activities, no sport activities, isolating people, wearing masks outside in Nature. And it feels like going back in time to me, instead of moving forward somehow.

8 months passed. Did we learn something out of it? What did we learn?

I'll tell you what I've learned.

🧡 That viruses live in our bodies all the time. That they are always present. That they mutate as everything in nature does, they adapt to survive, as we do.

🧡 That people always got sick, since birth and that this will never stop, whatever strong our attempt will be to become immortal or unaffected. We live, and we die and there's nothing we can do to avoid that. Nothing. Everything else is illusion.

🧡 I learned that if something is fitting a situation, it does not mean it will perfectly fit another in the same way. Every experience is extraordinary and therefore unique and it has to be treated like that.

🧡 Nature is the most intelligent entity that exists, and we are part of it, we are nature, and we need to trust that. We need to trust our bodies, support them, feel them, nourish them as best as we can. We need to learn to rest when we feel we need rest, act when we feel we need to act, speak, when we feel it's ok for us to speak. There is more wisdom in our nature than in knowledge. We need to trust our guts, trust our feelings, feel what in every single situation fits us best and follow that.

🧡 No real answer was ever found outside. Scientists follow their intuition and then search for a proof to support it. I was looking for my answers outside in other people opinions, only to realize that they were always inwards. So turn inwards.

🧡 Many words are said just to avoid the sense of powerlessness and to affirm a false sense of control. They don't come from awareness, and they are not followed by awareness. So, when you listen, listen with all your body, you'll know what's true.

We need to trust ourselves people, we need to become so trustful, so devoted to our inner wisdom to affect others with that, not with fear, not with separation, not with judgments, not with opinions. But with this inner power, that we all have. In this, we are all the same, we are all one. We just need to awake that part in us. There is so much need for that in the world. Oneness.



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