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Walk your talk - YES, Where to start?

You can only start from one single point. And that is NOW. What that means?

It means that your reality is created in this very moment. Now, in this present moment, you are creating your future. Your tomorrow. You may not even know how you want that tomorrow, and right now it doesn't really matter, because you're living your today.

And how are you living your today? Well, you live it with your very being - that's the most far away part from you right now, you live it through your feelings - that'a bit more close to you right now , you live it through your taughts - even more close to you right now, and you live it through your action - the closest to you right now. Your doings.

So, if you imagine your person walking, walking is the action, thinking of walking, just before you went for a walk, created this action, and behind this thinking there was a feeling of how good it feels walking and that's what created your thought. And what's behind your feelings? Mystery. Your very being. Who you truly are, which is really far away now.

So, that's how we work - that's how our behaviour is created. And that's actually all we need to know right now.

And what we also need to know is that 99% of the time we do all that unconsciously.

And unconsciously actually means that we are not aware - which said in basic language is as saying that we have absolutely no idea that this is happening. We have no idea of the feeling that created the thought, that created the action. Is like driving a car, but you don't really know what were you doing to arrive from your home to the working place, right? Do you?

And that means we are bahaving unconsciously. With no awareness. We are doing something and it might be that our being actually wants something completely different.

So, what's relevant to understand here?

Our action, which is, due to the earlier explanation, the farest from our being is actually leading our every day. Now, we might become aware a bit more to see the thoughts that are leading this action and we might become more skilled in directing this thoughts or even avoid them, in the sense that we become unidentified from them. Just watching them. They don't necesserily need to become our actions. Unidentification from our thoughts, would bring to a bit more conscious action. Some more choice to our every day.

But what about the feelings, that are leading our thoughts? What about them? How do we arrive there? Do we know we have them? Are we in touch with? How do we become aware enough to feel what we feel, to see where that comes from, how do we become aware enough to stick to our inner truth through our feelings - and thoughts - and actions. As an actual extension of our being?

Feeling is the next step to take. When we are drawn to an action, we might want to stop for a moment, just before doing it, look inwards, identify the thaught that brought this action up, see, what feeling is connected to this thought, feeling it, express it maybe in your own safe space and done that, are you absolutely sure that your behaviour would be the same? I can tell you it wouldn't, maybe not 99% of the time....but let's try and tell me :)

That is how to practice awareness. And the only way we can do that and actually create for ourselves a better reality is to practice and practice and practice again and again. That's what meditation is all about. Becoming a witness of ALL THE STEPS you take BEFORE you arrive to the action. Then, you will be able to walk your talk and be true to your being.

AWARENESS is the key to everything that's worth living here, now.

Love 🧡

Sati Shama

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