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When you hit rock bottom,

.... there is anywhere else to go, but up!

Well I think that we are very close to the bottom. When people think only about themselves, when there is no compassion, where personal interest is more important than the collective, when there is no understanding, no truth, no respect, no love, what does humanity have left? Is there still something human? What is it?

Because, sometimes it's very challenging to see the good in all the mess we created. I can understand why some of us retire in isolation, love pets more than people, love objects more than living beings, connect with nature more easily than with humans.

How is it so difficult to tear the walls down and feel and connect with our whole being, in our vulnerabilities, how is it to expose ourselves, how is it so difficult for us to show our pain, our sorrow, to let the tear come down through our cheeks in front of somebody else, how do we hide anger, how do we repress our words, how do we hide so much behind walls? What are we so afraid of? Of who? What is it? To not be loved? To be judged? To be not good enough? To be bad? To be nobody?

To be?

Do we really think nobody can see? Or, are we afraid of ourselves? What would happen if we'd let go? We wait and suppress and repress, and hide and fake, until the cup is full, and what then? And then we react, absolutely unconsciously, with no understanding, with no humanity, we lose track., we go mad. And that's the madness we are living in as "humanity" I feel right now, and I'll tell you, I fear the "full cup".

We arrived to the point as humans that we are even hiding happiness!!! A spontaneous laughter seems an act of rebellion more than just a normal state of being. Happiness. Do you still know what it is or do you label it like a childish attitude more than a pure, innocent childlike quality, almost forgotten in these times?

What is that disturbing it....laughter??? Is there someone laughing? Let's bring him to the psychiatric hospital....something wrong must be going on there!!!

I see very few people laughing those times. And that's because if we do not express our dark, how would we express our light?

And when celebration is lost in life, what does remain to it? When humanity cherish misery more than celebration, we hit the rock bottom. And I'll never stop hoping it's going to be a great laughter when we do. .



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