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With you, at every step

It's not easy to step out in the world and show yourself as you are, especially not in a world that made of judgment a virtue and thought knowledge as the most valuable of the values. It's not easy to talk about feelings and grow intuition where the pedestal of the mind is so high rated. It's not easy to invite people into getting to know themselves where everything that we were always told to do was to please the other and make their words more valuable of the one that our heart speaks. Getting outside there is scary, being seen in our delicacy and sensitivity makes us tremble and all the survival fears we carry with ourselves since childhood comes to greet us, challenge us and shake us to the core, in order to see if we are committed enough to move forward. To evolve. To grow. To risk it. To stand in our light. It's not an easy journey to walk our path and speak our truth. It's very challenging. It asks us to destroy all that we know and stand naked. It asks us to greed the unknown, not knowing if we're going to like it. It doesn't ask us for permission to challenge us. It just does and remains there, watching what our choice will be. Stay, or leave? Greet or abandon? What are we going to choose will shape our reality. Nobody else's. There is no one else there. Just us and existence. And we either choose to fight it, or to embrace it and walk together. I came back from a staffing journey a few weeks ago, from one of the most beautiful processes I've ever done in my life, where I keep returning again and again as a staff member. It's called Path of Love ( and something very beautiful came to me in prayer. I was asking existence, God, or however you want to call it, to help me, to support me in my journey, to show me where to go, to show me what I'm not seeing, to show me what I need right now to move forward in my life. It came in these words that I want to share with you today: "Walk proudly and fearlessly in this world, as you are my son, and I'm with you at every step. " So, if you ever feel unsupported, unloved, not good enough, scared or any other thing you are burdened with right now, know that: You are not alone. The whole existence is with you. Ask for what you need, listen to your heart, follow your intuition, do all the possible mistakes that you can and learn out of them, risk it and celebrate. You are alive!

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