Shine On

13 - 14 March 2021

This event is about being authentic and embracing our beauty. And what being authentic means to me is to embrace courage and share with people who you are. The general tendency is for people to behave as "expected" in certain situations, but with conforming to that we lose our spontaneity, our sparkle of innocence and much more. For some of us being ourselves means to bring our creativity to the surface, for others might mean embracing our loving nature, for somebody else might mean bringing laughter to a challenging situation, for some other might be expressing openly our feelings. And it might be that for some means not knowing exactly what does it mean being authentic at all. No worries. This is a discovery journey. This isn't about me explaining you theories and talking about "the right way". There is no right way. It's your way, here is about who you are and which are the most precious gifts that you carry inside. It's more about you exploring yourself through the inquiry work, in a group of people, who basically wants to do the same. There will be time to know each other a bit more, time for questions too, but we will mostly work in groups and the work will be letting you discover the preciousness of your being. Whatever that is for you.

Some practicalities
✔ Course hours are from 09:00AM to 12:00AM Saturday and Sunday
✔ With the Booking arrives the Zoom link that we will use both days to work together online in the group room
✔ Please check your video and sound settings so that both work properly. We will need to see each other and        hear each other well in order to energetically connect and to be able to effectively work together

✔  If you have any resistance regarding the online work, remember that connection is energy and energy moves freely, knows no boundaries of shape or form, moves unconditioned and is guided by your purpose and intention!!!
✔  For any question you might have I'm super glad to answer you at or with the contact form

✔  The price of the Workshop is €120.  If you are in a  difficult financial situation that does not allow you to cover the whole price, please write me here and I will try the best as I can to meet your needs


          OSHO Dynamic Meditation® is one of the most active meditations we know. It's a revolutionary and professionally devised method that frees us from everything that is suppressed, hidden or undesirable in us. It gives us access to the energy reservoir we have inside and which remains unused. It's an opportunity to see who we are, to freely express what is holding us back in life or what are we pushing into unconsciousness.

         At least 7 days are needed to have an initial understanding of what this meditation can bring into your life, 21 days to start noticing a change in your behavior. 
          The meditation lasts one hour and requires all our intensity and totality. It consists of five parts. The first is chaotic rapid and deep breathing. The deeper we go into the first stage, the better the next ones. The second stage is catharsis. At this stage, we allow everything we no longer need, to be expressed. We allow the body to be completely free in the movement. Free to jump, scream, cry, pound, kick, dance, sing, laugh, whatever we need to express, we allow it and support it. We totally trust our body. In the third stage, we jump with our feet flat and our arms raised above our heads and chant the Hoo mantra as deeply, as loudly as possible, until we hear STOP. This is the beginning of the fourth phase. We freeze wherever we are. We do not allow the body any movement, we do not adapt the body, we remain only witnesses. The fifth stage is of celebration that is expressed in dance and that allows us to bring that energy into a new day.

          When we perform Dynamic Meditation regularly, we notice that it brings us profound changes. We become more grounded, more energetic, more aware, we become more present, we develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and of other people,  our heart expands, we become more focused, we begin to develop self-confidence, and we learn how to genuinely connect.

          Check in the Bookings the dates and the location. 

The meditation will be led by Sati, a certified leader of OSHO Active Meditations and Therapies (OSHO International - Pune - India)
          For more information on meditation and the presentation meeting, write to Sati at

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