Who am I 

My name is Sati Shama and as long as I can remember I was in search of depth, of love, of truth. My whole life I was accompanied by that feeling "there must be something more to this life", something I couldn't see but I could sense is there. I’m a feeler. Sensitive, intuitive, creative, joyful, receptive, compassionate, loving, playful, curious and much more. I love to connect with people and with the genuinity  and the vulnerability of us all. I'm in love with being. 

In the environment of personal growth and in the East they would probably call me a sannyasin and they would be right. I am. Devoted to life, to growth, to the discovery of all the hidden aspects of being, especially the ones that are making great effort to remain hidden. 

I deeply value honesty, heart connection, truth, inner beauty and courage to step into the unknown and these are values that you will find in my work if and when will be the right time for you.  My own experience taught me that everything comes to the surface when we feel ready inside to face it, so my approach is an attitude of allowance and respect of the inner wisdom we all have,

My search and consequently my growth developed through the last 20 years, through different, many times painful, life experiences which brought me to start exploring more about behaviors, conditioning, family of origin, archetypes, relationships and especially the primal relationship I had with myself and consequently with others. I was always looking for happiness, fulfillment, joy, pleasure on the outside. Expecting that to be given to me from my family, friends, partners and so on. Meditation and the most various Workshops as Family Constellations, Inner Inquiry, Path of Love, The Primal deconditioning process, OSHO Born Again and a long years long work on myself with different therapists and counselors,  made me realize that what I needed was to turn my attention inwards, to start loving myself as I was, to drop judgments and perfectionism, expectations, guilt and all that burdens I was carrying  inside me for so long and just fully and totally engage with my being in the most honest and profound possible way. That's my why to the inner work and meditation and that's the reason why I decided to open up and bring it in the world, 
To reach awareness and to learn how to be respectful of ourselves, how to give space to what’s there to be expressed, how to be loving instead of judgmental, how to be accepting to whatever is present, how to recognize our boundaries and love them, how to learn to say no to what's untrue and YES to existence IS the real transformation and it's what I believe is needed in this world to heal. 
In the world of OSHO and his teachings I found not only myself but the opportunity to explore and train in all those aspects, so I became a facilitator in OSHO Active Meditations TM and OSHO Meditative Therapies TM  and I never get enough of learning more and more.

Prem Shama Sati is not only my name, is a safe space, where you can meet the truth of your self through different meditation methods, individual therapy, awareness techniques and workshops. A place where you can encounter other people that are on the path of self discovery and share it in togetherness. A place where you can hopefully find your way home. 

I heartedly wish you will join me in this journey,

With Love,

Sati Shama