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Sati Shama

Sati  Shama

                             Sati Shama is a lover of truth.   She  enjoys working with people and seing them embrace their full potential.  She likes to get to know their structures, their conditionings, their nature, their essence and what holds them back from being the empowered version of themselves. With her work she  helps people to embrace all parts of their being by rising awareness and gentle but compassionate understanding in all areas of their lives, relationships, work and  themselves .


                              Sati Shama works with individuals as well as with groups. She offers private sessions and group courses on demand. 

                              Sati Shama is passionate about authentic relating and  connection, self-awareness, ecstatic dance , The Work (Byron Katie),  conscious touch massage and she's also a Reiki Usui practioner. 

                             She fell in love with OSHO and his teachings when she was a teenager and since then she's devoted and trained in meditation and meditative therapies. 

                            She has more than 10 years experience in awareness techniques, tarot reading and family constellations (Bert Hellinger method) . She has recently completed  the  Self- Leading and Tools for Life Leadership training with Rupda Ji and she's continuously  upgrading her knowledge by supporting  conscious communities and doing the work herself in the first place. 

As OSHO used to say "You can not give what you don't have".

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