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Inquiry Work with Sati

Based on The Work of Byron Katie

  • 1 h
  • Contribution
  • as agreed with the client

Service Description

If you're familiar with the following statement "Your mind creates your reality" that's the Work for you to be done. Inquiry is an amazing tool to be used when triggered by a particular situation that involves another person, or by a belief that keeps repeating in the mind. Some of the Universal beliefs to Work with: • I don’t know what to do • I need more money • I can’t do anything right • People are judging me • I need to do it right • I am worthless • I should be different • Life is difficult • I’m not good enough Of course there are many many more in everyone of us and of course if we blindly believe to those words...well, we get in trouble. The Inquiry Work is a meditative process that brings into awareness judgments and beliefs that create sorrow, anger, separation and other "reactions" to a multiplicity of situations and does not allow us to see the truth of what we are living. To book a Inquiry Work Session with Sati follow the following steps: 1. Write an email to requesting an appointment specifiying if online or in person. 2. Take a moment to evaluate which is the value in money of the issue, challenge, situation or answer you wish to get with this session. 3. Wait for Sati's confirmation email and the appointment date. 4 .Accredit the decided amount to (the person paying does not need to have a paypal account) 5. Show up for the decided Session. Sati gives Sessions every afternoon Mon to Fri from 17:00 til 19:00 The Inquiry Work can be requested in english as well as in slovenian and italian language.

Cancellation Policy

Please, send an email to in case of cancellation.

Contact Details


Frenkova cesta 18, Pobegi, Slovenia

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