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Private Session with Sati

Available also Online

  • 1 hour
  • Contribution
  • as agreed with the client

Service Description

A Private Session with Sati always starts with bringing the client into Presence through a customed guided meditation. That helps the client to get in touch with what's present in the moment. From that state of Presence the client is guided into feeling, processing, expressing and releasing mental, physical and/or emotional tensions that can be showing up in different forms. ( F.e.: relating issues, incapacity to have our own voice, unresolved childhood traumas, physical illnesses etc etc..) Mental patterns and unhealthy behaviours can be easily and gently addressed by bringing in conscious understanding and acceptance. Physical tensions find immediate release and ones inner voice and guidance can be easily heard and followed. A Private Session with Sati helps a client to approach life with freshness and playfulness and to develop a lighter, more loving and gentle relationship with oneself. A Private Session with Sati lasts about 1 hour. To book a Private Session with Sati follow the following steps: 1. Write an email to requesting an appointment specifiying if online or in person. 2. Take a moment to evaluate which is the value in money of the issue, challenge, situation or answer you wish to get with this session. 3. Wait for Sati's confirmation email and the appointment date. 4 .Accredit the decided amount to (the person paying does not need to have a paypal account) 5. Show up for the decided Private Session. Sati gives Private Sessions every afternoon Mon to Fri from 17:00 til 19:00 Private Sessions can be requested in english as well as in slovenian and italian language.

Cancellation Policy

Please, send an email to in case of cancellation.

Contact Details


Frenkova cesta 18, Pobegi, Slovenia

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