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In times of sorrow remember your blessings

New moon is a beautiful time of renovation, renewal, literally inviting us to let go of the past, of everything that has hold on us and it's resisting in moving forward. Everything we are still stuck on, ideas that are repeating in our minds, thoughts of what is lost forever or what was never achieved. Mind does not know the middle way. The mind is chewing over and over again the same known thoughts, not letting space for something new to come. And we feel wrong or unfulfilled, sad, it feels like we miss something.

I guess we all do feel like that some times. I'm pretty sure is a human condition. I felt like that, yesterday. It was a quite heavy new moon for me. There were a lot of thoughts of my last relationship, sorrow came up, some not being good enough, comparison. I could see the thoughts arising, I could sense the feeling in my body, energy shrinking, anger arising. I was not able to stop it. So I went into meditation. After a very long time I did a meditation called Healing the Heart, from Anando. She was OSHO secretary for a very long time in Pune. The meditation brought me from the mind to the heart, and it felt better immediately. Heart is never comparing, heart is never angry, heart is compassionate and loving, heart is unconditional. Heart just loves and everything else does not really matter.

But why do we start feeling like that sometimes?

And my answer was "because we think that what we have is not enough, and we desire, desire, desire more or something else, and we totally forget of what we actually do have", so my understanding is .. Whenever you feel sad or angry or envy or whatever, count your blessings instead of the holes you think you have. You will feel grateful, and gratitude is a shifting energy! So, good thoughts, good feelings, good doings :)



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